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All my tours are "A la carte" so you can choose all what you want to fill the 8 hours with: provencal villages, cities, museums, natural sites, mountains, sea shore, art foundation, off the beaten tracks small towns...

I know my region like the flat of my hand and I will show you all the best of it provide you wish so. So let's choose together!

I will pick you up where you want and drop you off where you prefer: just tell me where!

With me you choose everything: who you will tour with, your pace, your destinations, the kind of lunch or no lunch or picnic, how much time everywhere, and many other things as well. With me, YOU are the boss and I will agree with anyone of your choices with a smile!

I will suggest great places to explore and you will decide even at the last minute what appeals to you. You can even decide to change your mind during the tour!!

With me you are always the boss!

Please make sure to book me early enough because I get many requests, sometimes 18 month ahead of time!

But you can also try at the last minute, one never knows...!

When you request a tour, please give me as many info about your couple, group, family, so that I can custom the best tour for you: which day you are available to tour, where you are staying, how many you are, how much time you have, what you like, etc.

Payment will always be at the end of the tour to the guide. 

If you change your mind, please let me know by dropping me a mail as soon as possible so that I can book another tour at your place, and too bad for you!

Then when you are booked with me, I will reconfirm your tour with the details and then look for me and my smile!

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