Do a Private Custom Tour to Discover Your Inner Self in Xenial Shigatse

Discover your inner being on a guided xenial Xigaze custom tour. Shigatse, also pronounced Shigatse, is an ancient city in the altiplano with a history of nearly 600 years and is now the second biggest county-level city in Tibet. 

Shigatse is the number one tourist resort in Tibet.  It holds so much ancient history and unique culture that makes it an attractive destination for those who wish to explore the mysterious Tibetan Buddhism culture and challenge themselves physically and mentally at Mt. Everest, The pride of Shigatse. 

Have an experience of a lifetime on a guided tour to Mount Everest and attempt to focus on the task of climbing the highest mountain in the world. Or get in touch with your inner Buddha on a sightseeing tour of the Tashilhunpo Monastery,  Tibetan Buddhist centre of Rear Tibet, where you can witness the biggest Maitreya Buddha Statues that is beautifully decorated with gold, diamond, pearl and every other rare stone. 

This extraordinary city is sure to please and excite any traveller and offers a full ancient feeling, unlike no other city.    Read More...

Set Your Sights on the Sacred Scriptures of Sakya Monastery on Guided Tour

Do a Private Custom Tour to Discover Your Inner Self in Xenial Shigatse

Set your sights on the sacred scriptures of Sakya Monastery with a Private Guided Tour. The Sakya Monastery is famed as the 'Second Dunhuang' because of its extensive collection of numerous Tibetan Buddhist scriptures, murals and Thangkas. 

There are a number of temples which can be explored when in Shigatse on custom guided tours. However, there are also a good number of activities to do due to the mountains which are a highlight of the landscape.

Enjoy easy or difficult hiking tours or climbing tours. Be driven up to the Mountain peaks in a  jeep safari.

And finally in the evening, after tours and adrenalin thrills, relax in a local restaurant enjoying the most delicious food.

Top 10 Attractions of Shigatse

Tashilhunpo Monastery
1 Tashilhunpo Monastery is known as the Tibetan Buddhist centre of Rear Tibet and is the most popular attraction in Xigaze. Take a tour to explore this magnificent monastery and uncover the true Buddha within. This must see a spot for all travellers and Buddha followers covers an area of nearly 300,000 square meters and consists of The Maitreya Chapel, The Panchen Lama's Stupa-tomb and The Kelsang Temple.
Yamdrok Lake
2 On the outskirts of Xigaze is one of the holy lakes in Tibet is Yamdrok Lake, along with Namtso Lake and Lake Manasarovar. Situated in the south of Yarlong Tsangpo River in Shannan Region, it is surrounded by many mountains. This natural reservoir has a perfect balance between the evaporated lake water and melted snow. On sightseeing tours from the hilltop, see the far view of the freshwater under the sun, reflecting colours of blue.  
Palkhor Monastery
3 Take a guided tour to this famous Palkhor Monastery and Kumbum Stupa to have an experience of a lifetime in Xigaze. Explore the burial stupas within the Potala and ascend the levels. The stupa contains more than 70 chapels and it is the largest stupa in the Tibet region and holds more than 10,000 paintings. Learn about the work behind the old statues and paintings with your private tour guide as you walk around this place.  
Shalu Monastery
4 Shalu Monastery is located about 12 miles southeast of Xigaze. It is said to be a perfect combination of Tibet and Han architectural styles. The Shalu Monastery is a holy place for many worshippers and holds a history dating back to 1087. Grand layout and intricate design make the Shalu Monastery a popular attraction for Buddha followers and travellers alike. Again, there are wonderful statues and artefacts to see on custom tour.  
Rongbuk Monastery
5 The Rongbuk Monastery is found at the northern foot of Mount Everest and was first built in 1902. For over 400 years now, this site is used by monks and hermits for meditation. Because of its location and the fact that it was built 5,000 meters above sea level, makes this the highest monastery in the world. Take a guided tour around the monastery and uncover the many caves and cliffs that surround it.  
Mount Everest
6 Visit Mt. Everest, which is also called Mt. Qomolangma, the highest peak in the world on a specialised guided tour. The name means 'Goddess the Third' in Tibetan and adds more colourful mystery and magical power to the subject. Pilgrims trek long distances for devotion and worship while eager climbers dare to take the challenge of its high altitude and others are happy to just look upon this holy peak.  
Gyantse Dzong
7 A short distance from Xigaze, take a trip to the "Dzong Fortress", or often referred to as the "Gyangze Dzong", one of the best-preserved fortresses in Tibet. It is an old fortress that dates back to 9th century and played a significant role in protecting Tibet during the British invasion. Visitors get this explore the beautiful surrounding as well as take a guided tour through the fortress. For history lovers, it is extra special.  
Pala Manor
8 Pala Manor is an old housing estate that covers an area of 5000 sq meters and has 57 houses. The main structure is a three-storey building that contains and a reception hall, scripture hall and many bedrooms. It was built for a wealthy family who once owned the land and you get a great insight into their lifestyle on guided tour. Nowadays, there are modern buildings built up around Pala Manor, but it remains a relic of cultural past.
Sakye Monastery
9 The Sakya Monastery is famed as the 'Second Dunhuang' because of vast collections of numerous Tibetan Buddhist scriptures, murals and Thangkas. Among these scriptures is the Burde Gyaimalung, a precious Scripture which records Tibetan religion, history, philosophy, literature and agriculture. It also holds 21 volumes of Buddhist scriptures written on Pattra leaves in Sanskrit. They are the worlds most precious sutras.    
Mountain Adventure tours
10 There is obviously Mount Everest but there are other mountains in Xigaze to do adventure tours or just normal sightseeing tours. Hiking tours and climbing tours are the most popular but there are also off-road jeep rides which only go a certain distance up the mountains depending on the weather. For people interested in photography there are custom tours which bring you to the ideal spots on the mountains for perfect landscape pictures.

Travel Tips for Shigatse

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