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Toronto is full of new buildings and sports stadiums, but if you really want to get to grips with a city, you have to learn all about its history and where things originated. For this reason, we have created a superb Toronto history tours with an expert that will teach you everything you will ever need and want to know. In this tour, we focus in on the first century and dig deep into the origins of the city which will allow you to understand the area better.

Furthermore, we realize that your time is precious, so this tour will only last around 90 minutes to two hours so after; you can get on with your day and see some more landmarks.

Toronto boasts the biggest multicultural population of any city not just in the continent but the world so for that reason alone, it has stories and tales to tell. Furthermore, it also boasts a huge theater district; in fact, it stands in third behind only New York and London (Broadway and the West End). However, despite these impressive facts, Toronto hasn't always been this way as it was once filled with invasion, epidemics, murder, disaster, and revolution.

Only in this tour will you be able to hear all about it and learn how Toronto transformed over the years. You will learn about; the Toronto Purchase, the Rebellion, Cholera in the 19th Century, the Invasion of York, and more.

We generally set our meeting point at a standard location like the Flatiron building, but you will be informed of this when you book; the tour will also end back at this point where you can continue sightseeing or make your way back to your accommodation. Of course, this will be an outside tour, so you need to dress appropriately and comfortable shoes may also be a good idea; we want you to be comfortable while learning.

Finally, we start just before lunchtime as this way the Toronto history tours with an expert finishes just in time for lunch and it isn't too early or too late. Prices will depend on how many people you are booking for and you are welcome to contact us if you have any questions regarding the Toronto history tours with an expert or the sights; you can also contact us if you only want more information.

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This Tour Is Available Throughout the Entire Calendar Year. Remember, if It Is Not Scheduled for When You Want to Do It, Just Let Us Know, and We’ll Change Our Schedule Just for You! We Suggest Making Reservations at Least 24 Hours Before the Tour Starts.


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Reviewed by Abbey Dawn   August 30, 2016

Although it was Toronto history tour, our guide Jack made it into a very interesting history adventures. The way he narrated the story was like he was coming out of the history book, like he was a part of that story. Thank you.

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