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Have you got an upcoming trip to Toronto but are unsure of how to spend your time? Maybe you have a free day in between business meetings that you need to fill or are simply taking a vacation? We suggest our fantastic remembrance tours of Toronto as it is the perfect way to get to know the city and appreciate the Canadian military and those who have fallen throughout history.

After meeting at a common location, we will take you to Queen’s Park Circle, the campus of Toronto University, and University Avenue. In these locations, you will see a number of different monuments including Soldiers Tower, 48th Highlander Monument, Crimean War cannons, Boer War Monument, Veteran’s Monument, Airmen’s Monument, and then finally, the Cenotaph which is located by the Old City Hall. If you are interested in military history and want to see the monuments that signal just this, this is the perfect tour for you.

Furthermore, we don’t just want you to see these locations, we want you to learn about them and know everything there is to know so you can pass on facts and stories to your friends and family. You will learn about a whole host of conflicts and about how Canada was involved in them and how the conflicts proceeded; ultimately, you will also gauge how each conflict impacted the country itself and how it helped to shape Canada today.

We normally start near the Royal Ontario Museum and then end at the last location, which is the Cenotaph at the Old City Hall. As you may have noticed, the tour doesn't begin and end in the same location so you should make arrangements for this beforehand.

The remembrance tours of Toronto will last for around two hours after starting in the afternoon meaning that once the tour is done, you will be free to either find a restaurant for some dinner or head back to your accommodation before the sun goes down. Also, this is a walking tour outside so you should be prepared for all weathers (including sensible shoes).

Finally, prices vary depending on a number of people on the booking, and you are more than welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have; we are happy to answer questions as well as take your booking!

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This Tour Is Available Throughout the Entire Calendar Year. Remember, if It Is Not Scheduled for When You Want to Do It, Just Let Us Know, and We’ll Change Our Schedule Just for You!


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Reviewed by Eva Christine   August 22, 2016

Been to Toronto this holidays, it was not like what I imagined. The city is a little dirty and messy. Due to its long history, the streets are old--typical North American city. We have Niagara Falls nearby it. I think it is the best view to see Niagara Falls from Canada. However you'd better go on a sunny day or you may fail your expectations.

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