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For nearly 11,000 years, Calgary has been the home to the Blackfoot people meaning that the area has a vast and interesting history. However, John Glenn became the area’s first settler from Europe just 140 years ago in 1873. For this reason, the city has gained increasing interest in recent years and has a lot of stories to tell. If you have booked flights to Calgary, you must have done some research along the way but why not go one step further and book a Calgary city sightseeing tour with us?

On our three and a half hour Calgary city sightseeing tour, you will get to visit the Canadian Olympic Park, Scotsman Hill, and Heritage Park. Furthermore, you won’t just get to see them, you will experience them and learn all there is to know about them and the surrounding area. In addition to the three main locations, you will also learn about and pass the Olympic Plaza, Old and New City Halls, Fort Calgary, Stephen Avenue, Devonian Gardens, Eau-Claire Market, Calgary Zoo, China Town, and more. By the end of this tour, you will know everything there is to know about Calgary and what the city has to offer.

We offer a driver and a professional tour guide with a passion for imparting knowledge, a guide to all the attractions listed previously, and a comfortable vehicle in which to travel around. Just when you thought we couldn't offer any more for such a reasonable price, we can also arrange to pick you up from major hotels, Calgary Tower, or HI Youth Hostel. Then once the day is done, we can also drop you back off to finish in style.

We like to have a minimum of four people on our Calgary tour so this is perfect for families or small groups but if you are traveling alone or in a couple, we should still be able to find a group for you. We normally have two starting times with one being in the morning and the other at lunch time so be sure to contact us to find out more. Finally, you are more than welcome to contact us with any questions whether it is regarding the tour or any of the sights themselves. Book today to secure your seat!

Calgary City Sightseeing Tour Highlights

  • Old and New City Halls
  • Olympic Plaza
  • Fort Calgary
  • Calgary Zoo
  • China Town
  • Eau-Claire Market
  • Stephen Avenue
  • Devonian Gardens

Key Stops at;
Canada Olympic Park - 15-30 minute stop
Heritage Park - 15-30 minute stop
Scotsman Hill - 5-10 minute stop

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Reviewed by 小优   November 15, 2016

I Was recently in Calgary for a short amount of time and had this tour recommended by my hotel. Definitely it was the right choice which I will never regret for it. Thanks to my hotel. My guide Anetta was impressive in her knowledge of Calgary. She was a little bit shy, she said even though she has been tour guide for many years, she could't stop herself being shy at the first day of the tour. Very cute girl. Whole tour was relaxing, the way her telling stories was comfortable. I would love to have this tour again. :)

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