Be Shown the Way to Wonderful Experiences on Sucre Sightseeing Tours

Wonderful experiences on Sucre Sightseeing tours are guaranteed in this fascinating capital city of Bolivia. Sucre is Bolivia’s fifth largest city and to many, it is the Country’s most beautiful city.

It was during the 16th century that Sucre was founded by the Spanish and there is a more European feel here than other smaller cities in Bolivia. Part of the charm of this city is the important historical buildings which have been preserved and kept in pristine conditional. To protect these buildings and its history, Sucre was designated in 1991 a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This is not a destination which is high on many travellers list, but it should be especially if you are interested in doing the fascinating culture tours Sucre offers or explore some of the hidden gems found on the outskirts of the city.

When you decide to visit Sucre, you are opening yourself up to culture, history, great food and entertainment, fun activities day or night and the opportunity to meet lovely, welcoming, friendly people.  Read More...

See Footprints of Dinosaurs With Sucre Private Hiking Tours of Parque Cretácico

With adventure tours Sucre, explore the cities surrounding low-level valleys and stunning landscape. A top activity to do is one of the Sucre hiking tours available in Parque Cretácico. Here you get to see the fascinating Dinosaur footprints that date back 68 million years ago!

Other fun Sucre private activity tours that can be done in and around the city include off-road 4x4 jeep tours, Quad-biking, rock climbing of various difficulties, trekking, running tours, paragliding, biking, swimming and much more.

Sucre is very reasonably priced for tourists and along with the mild climate makes it a brilliant new destination to be explored and enjoyed

Top 10 Things to Do in Sucre

Casa de la Libertad
1 All culture tours Sucre offer will include a visit to the Casa de la Libertad which is known as being among the most important buildings in all of Bolivia. The reason being, it was here the signing took place of the Bolivian declaration of independence in 1825. See the declaration, the Macha flag( said to be the first flag of Argentina) and a most accurate portrait of Simon Bolivar, the countries namesake and most revered liberator.
Parque Cretácico
2 One of the claim to fame for Sucre is that it is where you can find the world’s biggest collection of footprints belonging to dinosaurs. In the Parque Cretácico which is located 5kms from the city is where you enjoy Sucre private hiking tours to the best viewpoints and footprints. Also in the park is a dinosaur-themed park and little museum with original findings and life-size dinosaur sculptures.
Museo del Tesoro
3 The Museo del Tesoro is a family run museum which showcases the most treasured gems found in Bolivia. Located in a very old house found in the historic centre of the city, it is just one of the places to visit with culture tours Sucre. The museum has displays on items relating to jewellery, gemology, architecture and mining. It is fascinating to learn about Bolivia’s most precious stones and metals.
Parque Simón Bolivar Sucre
4 A lovely way to spend some time on Sucre sightseeing tours is to wander through the beautiful and largest park in the city, Parque Simón Bolivar. Features in the park include manicured gardens that relined with trees, a miniature replica of the Eiffel Tower, Fuente del Bicentenario which is a fountain but at night is an illuminating dancing fountain, Sucre’s Dinosaur Park, a swimming pool and many statues.  
Sica Sica Hill
5 Sucre is located at the foot of twin hills Sica Sica Hill and Churuquella. Sica Sica Hill is where you get great panoramic views when you go on Sucre private hiking tours. It takes around 2 hours altogether, up and down, and while it is sometimes a challenging hike, it is worthwhile. There is a massive crucifix at the summit of the hill and when it is lit at night, it can sometimes give an eerily glow with low lying clouds.
Museo Nacional de Etnografia y Folklore
6 The Museo Nacional de Etnografia y Folklore, a perfect place for anyone who has an interest in learning about the folklore and ethnic diversity of Bolivia. In this museum, you are given an insight into the varied cultures found in the country from the times of pre-Columbian to present day. On culture tours Sucre, visit the likes of the mask museum with over 50 decorated masks or displays of art and ethnographic goods.  
Convento de San Felipe Neri
7 Sucre sightseeing tours will take you to see the most stunning colonial buildings found in the city and former monastery, Convento de San Felipe Neri. The views from the tiled rooftop or Bell Tower are super of the city and you can see from these views why Sucre is also called ‘the White City’. There is a painting of the Last Supper as you enter the building and a delightful flower-filled courtyard.
La Glorieta Castle
8 The vision of this pink, fairytale-like, castle is worth seeing on Sucre sightseeing tours not only for the pinkness but for the fascinating story behind it and the people who built it. They were Francisco Argandona and his wife Clotilde and due to their great charitable work, in 1898, were given the titles Prince and Princess by Pope Leon VIII. The castle is a mix of beautiful architectural styles dominated by three towers.  
Adventure Tours Sucre
9 There is a range of adventure tours Sucre offers and these include quad biking. You can do full or half day tours on the quad bikes going off road onto dirt tracks and river beds. It is a great way to see some of the landscape! Other tours include rock climbing of different grades, easy to difficult for the more professional climber. Alternatively, take a turn paragliding and see the views from high in the sky.
Icla Canyon
10 Icla Canyon is around three hours drive from Sucre but worth visiting for Sucre private activity tours. This is a prehistoric canyon with dramatic ever-changing scenery. There are ancient rock paintings, dinosaur tracks, archaeological remains and traditional villages to see and activities such as abseiling, hiking, bird watching and in the clear waters of Rio Icla, rubber tubing, kayaking and swimming.

Travel Tips for Sucre

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