Explore With Private Guided Tours La Paz and Lap Up Its Passion and Fun

The city of La Paz is where you find the Bolivian governments legislative and executive branches and it is the country’s de facto capital. It also has the honour of being the worlds highest de facto capital due to it being located more than 3,500 meters above sea level which you experience with private guided tours La Paz. This will explain its nickname ‘ the city that touches the clouds”.

There is a multitude of things to do and attractions to visit when you arrive with private La Paz tours that range from people watching in the Plaza Murillo to the cycling the ‘Death Road’. Due to its location nestled in the surrounding mountains, anyone can find great adrenaline pumping La Paz activity tours.

Culture and history is an essential factor for this city and you can see people in their traditional dress working hard selling their handicrafts in the market. On La Paz sightseeing tours visit the many fascinating museums, Cathedrals and a unique prison.  Read More...

Visit the Gate of the Sun With La Paz Custom Tours to Tiwanaku

Explore With Private Guided Tours La Paz and Lap Up Its Passion and Fun

Should your interest be in archaeology, then the La Paz custom tours to Tiwanaku are perfect for you. This archaeological site is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage site since 2000 and it a fantastic place to explore. With knowledgeable tour guides learn the fascinating history and see the excavated structures such as the Gateway of the Sun.

Mi Teleferico is not only a tourist attraction in La Paz, but it is also one of the best modes of transport to take you to the major attractions. It is the worlds highest cable car ride operating 4,000 meters above sea level and has revolutionised the way locals and tourists travel from place to place.

Top 10 Things to Do in La Paz

1 Explore with La Paz custom tours the amazing archaeological site of Tiwanaku. It has been a member the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000 and it is full of fascinating excavated architectural structures such as The Gateway of the Sun- Puerta del Sol, The Gateway of the Moon Puerta del Luna, Akapana, Akapana East and Pumapunku stepped platforms. There is still much mystery surrounding this wonderful site.
Valle de la Luna
2 With La Paz sightseeing tours visit the stunning Valle de la Luna or Moon Valley. This is not a valley, but more a maze of giant spires and canyons made up of formations of clay and sandstone. There are walking tracks which span different viewpoints such as Devil’s point. The trails can be narrow and difficult to navigate but there is always a professional guide with you when you go with an organised tour.  
San Pedro Prison
3 Probably the most bizarre place to see on private guided tours La Paz is San Pedro Prison. While there are no ‘official’ tours within the prison, it is still worth seeing from the outside and learning all about it. This prison is infamous for being completely self-run by the hardened criminals with police only patrolling the perimeter. Wives and children of inmates are forced to live here as they have no way of supporting themselves.
Illimani Mountain
4 It is difficult to miss the beauty of Illimani Mountain when in La Paz as it is the stunning backdrop to the city. It is the highest of the subrange and the most revered mountain in Bolivia. The climbing of any one of the four snow-capped peaks is difficult for even the most experienced mountaineer. However, with La Paz sightseeing tours, you get to travel to the foothills and be impressed with its natural beauty.  
Basilica de San Francisco
5 The mammoth landmark church, Basilica de San Francisco, is located the heart of La Paz. Over a period of 10 years during the 18th century, this church was built by Aymara people. With private guided tours La Paz, you see the influence they had on it decor with snakes, dragons and birds their indigenous symbols included. While here, be sure to see the catacombs, bell tower and monastery with your tour.  
Death Road La Paz
6 For the most extreme La Paz activity tours, look no further than downhill mountain biking tours on Yungas Road. This road has the reputation of being the world’s most dangerous roads and stretches around 61km from the city of La Paz to Coroico. However, the road is a lot safer nowadays but still gives enough thrills and adrenalin rushes to anyone who takes part in these tours. There are great views too.  
El Palacio de Gobierno
7 Visit El Palacio de Gobierno with private La Paz tours. It is also referred to as El Palacio Quemado which translated is the Burned Palace due to it being nearly destroyed by fire during a 1875 revolution. There is much history and fascinating stories to learn on a visit to the Presidents official residence. The architecture of neoclassical style, bright pink walls, white pillars and an interior of Grandeur all add to the tour.  
Muela del Diablo
8 There are a number of great La Paz activity tours to be found when you visit the Muela del Diablo (translated means Devil’s Molar), an iconic attraction of the landscape of La Paz. It is a ‘tooth shaped’ rock formation that is 3,852m above sea level. The excellent and fun activities that can be done here, apart from enjoying the views of the valley surrounding it, include hiking, climbing and mountain biking.
Bolivia’s Witch Market
9 Another bizarre but must see place with private guided tours La Paz is the Witches Market. This is a market with a difference and certainly, the items on sale are ‘different.' In the Aymara world, the spirits are important and traditions are still believed that there are ‘spells and potions’ to bring you love, happiness, wealth, revenge, protection and so on. It is the most fascinating and curious place you will visit in Bolivia!
Mi Teleferico - Cable Car La Paz
10 La Paz sightseeing tours are taken to a different dimension when you go by Mi Teleferico, the Cable Car System of La Paz. It is the highest cable car ride you can do in the world operating 4,000 meters above sea level. It gives you a birds-eye view of the bustling city below, but it also is the easiest way to get to different attractions. It is not just for tourists; it is another form of public transport for locals.

Travel Tips for La Paz

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