Coveted Panorama Views of Cochabamba With Private Sightseeing Tours

The coveted panoramic views of the mountains that surround the city are reason enough to visit with Cochabamba private sightseeing tours. Cochabamba, Bolivia’s fourth largest city, is lively, busy and friendly with lots to offer in tourist attractions and entertainment.

The Culture tours Cochabamba offer are among the best in the country with colonial churches, museums, galleries and markets selling traditional food and handicrafts.

Cochabamba has undertaken a certain change in recent years and the improvements have increased the number of tourists that are now visiting. It helps that ‘New Town’ of the city consists of many great restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs. The nightlife of the city is fun and lively all year round.

A good reason for why there is an increase in the number of tourists to the city is that private Cochabamba tours of all varieties are available throughout the year and this is due to the year-long mild temperatures which are spring-like.  Read More...

Go on Private Cochabamba Tours to the Iconic Cristo de la Concordia

Coveted Panorama Views of Cochabamba With Private Sightseeing Tours

It would be disappointing to let a visit to this city go by without doing one of the private Cochabamba tours to Cristo de la Concordia which is the world’s largest statue of Christ. It beats the more famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro by a few centimetres.

There is a range of excellent Cochabamba adventure tours to do in the areas surrounding the city. These include paragliding, mountaineering, hiking, trekking, cycling and much more.

So whether you are in this city for Cochabamba guided tours of great attractions,  to have an adrenaline rush with the range of activities in the surrounding areas or to have lively nights, there is no reason for you to be bored in Cochabamba.

Top 10 Things to Do in Cochabamba

Cristo de la Concordia
1 Venture up the 2,000 steps to get a closer look at Cristo de la Concordia with Cochabamba guided tours. This statue is the world’s largest statue of Christ beating the one in Rio de Janeiro by a few centimetres. It is the most iconic attraction of the city and sits on top of San Pedro Hill. If you prefer not to climb the steps, there is a cable car ride to the top where you can avail of the lovely views along the way.
Palacio Portales
2 Culture tours Cochabamba will include a visit to the Palacio Portales which was the residence of ‘the Tin Baron’, Simon Iturri Patino, a Bolivian millionaire back in the 1930’s. The building was based on Eugene Bliault, a French architect, designs. The building, both inside and outside, has many influences of French Renaissance style with themed rooms such as Louis XVI room and a Versailles inspired garden.  
Tunari National Park
3 The 400,000 hectares of Tunari National park with many lakes is the perfect place to find Cochabamba adventure tours. For mountaineers, venture to the summit of Mount Tunari with climbing tours or on safari jeep tours, travel through the park spying the vast range of animals and birds. The lakes provide activities such as kayaking, fishing or leisurely boat tours. The hot springs of Liruni are a treat to enjoy.
Cathedral of Cochabamba
4 The stunning Cathedral of Cochabamba is a lovely part of the Culture tours Cochabamba offer. Overlooking the main square, this building is the oldest religious site if the city. While the structure which is there now dates back to 1701 origins are dating back to 14th century, Within the cathedral are many beautiful features including the domed ceilings, statues, murals, a large altar, a grotto and vaults.  
Archeological Museum Cochabamba
5 With Cochabamba guided tours learn all there is to know about Archeology with a visit to the city’s Archeological Museum. Here there are around 40,000 pieces relating to archaeology, palaeontology and ethnography from Cochabamba and other regions in Bolivia. See the excavated working tools, stone idols and pottery, fossils in the palaeontology section and examples of ethnic culture in the Ethnographic section
La Cancha Cochabamba
6 La Cancha is South America’s largest open-air market and among the biggest attractions in the city. It is much better to go with Cochabamba guided tours, that way you have a local guide helping you haggle with the traders. This market is open every day of the week and sells everything you could possibly think of such as electrical good, food, clothing, books, souvenirs and even witchcraft talismans!  
La Angostura Lake
7 Not very far from the City is La Angostura Lake, an artificial lake where there are plenty of great Cochabamba adventure tours. This is the popular place for the natives to take a break from the hectic city and relax. The lake itself is nothing spectacular to view, but the mountain views are. The activities enjoyed here include paddle boarding, paddle boating, rowing, kayaking, fishing and swimming.
8 Not more than two hours away from the city of Cochabamba is Bolivia’s answer to Machu Picchu in Peru, Incallajta. This is a fortress from the Incan empire which consists of huge stone constructions that cover around 12 hectares along the incline of the mountains. It is believed, by some researchers, that this site actually predates the Incas by approximately 700 years. It is a site that is still teaching us things about ancient times.
Canyoning and Rappelling
9 Cochabamba adventure tours involve activities such as canyoning and rappelling. On these tours, you are collected and brought to the best locations to have the best experience, but it may mean a few hours travel to get there. Canyoning is very exciting and rappelling down waterfalls is a something that has to be done to understand the thrill. All tours are with professional and qualified guides.
Hiking and Camping Tours
10 The range of excellent hiking and camping tours with Cochabamba adventure tours are outstanding due to the variety of landscapes, mountains and national parks where hiking and camping are possible. It is always better to go hiking with a tour guide and a group as it is safer but mainly because it is more fun with company. The tours are well organised and you get a more personal sense of Bolivia.

Travel Tips for Cochabamba

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