Beauty in Many Bountiful Forms With Bolivia Private Sightseeing Tours

This landlocked South American Country has so much beauty in so many diverse forms that you need to explore with Bolivia private sightseeing tours for it to be believed. It is surrounded by Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Paraguay, the other landlocked Country in South America.

Bolivia is among the highest Countries in the world and gradually becoming more and more popular as a place to visit thanks to its unique attractions and natural wonders which it shares with some of the surrounding countries. Its most significant draws are the Bolivia adventure tours to the likes of the Amazon rainforest, Andes Mountain range, Lake Titicaca (which is also half in Peru), Atacama Desert and Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world.

The people of Bolivia are socially, racially and culturally diverse which comes from more than 30 different groups of native indigenous who have lived in the Countries regions for the past thousand of years. There is a strong sense of family unity and tradition where ever you visit on Culture tours Bolivia   Read More...

Beauty in Many Bountiful Forms With Bolivia Private Sightseeing Tours

There are many fascinating cities in Bolivia and each offers excellent Bolivia guided tours of their top attractions. This country is one of the few who has two capital cities, Sucre is the constitutionally recognised capital and La Paz is where the governments legislative and executive branches are, it is the de facto capital.

The city of Potosi is a highly recommended place to visit on Bolivia Custom tours, literally because it is among the highest cities in the world. Potosi on the UNESCO World Heritage list and has had a long history in silver mining.

Copacabana, not to be confused with Brazil's Copacabana, is located on the shores of Lake Titicaca. This resort is touristy, but it also has a history of being a place of pilgrimage. Take enjoyable boat tours to the islands of the Sun and the Moon, go on great Bolivia hiking tours to places for the best views or to visit ancient ruins.

There is fun, adventure, culture and history found wherever you go in Bolivia!


Top 10 Things to Do in Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni
1 Bolivia adventure tours of the Salar de Uyuni is among the top things to do in Bolivia. Enjoy 4x4 tours of these salt flats, the largest in the world, as you travel across the large expanse and then spend a night in the famous salt hotels where everything from the building structure to the beds are made of salt blocks. During the rainy season, there is a perfect reflection of the sky on the sheet of water covering the flats.
2 Experience Tiwanaku on Bolivia private sightseeing tours and explore the ruins of this ancient city which is located near Lake Titicaca. Since 2000, this archaeological site has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. See the remains of such incredible architectural structures like the palaces, pyramids and temples before learning in more detail the history of this civilisation and site in the indoor museum.  
La Paz
3 The city of La Paz is regarded as the administrative capital of Bolivia and where you find the legislative and executive branches of the government. Take one of the many Culture tours Bolivia offers to this city that is more the 3500m above sea level. Explore the history through the museums and culture through the cathedrals, palaces and plazas. The setting of this town is its draw, with the ice-capped Mount Illimani as its backdrop.  
4 Bolivia’s constitutional capital city is Sucre, the ‘White City’ as it is famous for being throughout all of South America due to the well kept and whitewashed buildings in the towns centre. There is an interesting mix found here of both old and new which can explore on Bolivia private sightseeing tours. There are museums and beautiful architecture, alternatively, visit the waterfalls, volcanic crater or the famous dinosaur footprints.
5 Visit the city that is among the highest above sea level in the world, Potosi, on Bolivia guided tours. The UNESCO World Heritage Site listed this city for its historic factors and it is famous for it silver mines in Cerro Rico mountains. Nowadays there is mining of silver, tin and lead. This city has kept its colonial charm even after earthquakes and floods and the narrow winding streets are part of that appeal.  
Isla del Sol
6 When you visit the beautiful Lake Titicaca, you must take one of the Bolivia private sightseeing tours to Isla del Sol. This is a large island in the lake which is regarded as the birthplace of the Sun God and is from where the Incan dynasty materialised. Enjoy some of the wonderful Bolivia hiking tours to explore the island, visit the traditional communities and archaeological ruins. This is a place of mystery and spirituality.  
Madidi National Park
7 Located in the upper Amazon river basin, the Madidi National Park is a jungle paradise which you must experience with Bolivia adventure tours. This Park is among the planets most diverse ecological hot spots and the largest protected area in the country. Trek through the Amazon rainforest, take a canoe ride at sunset, see the likes of macaws and pied lapwings on bird watching tours or swim with pink dolphins.
Laguna Verde
8 The high altitude salt lake, Laguna Verde, is well known for having waters green in colour. It is found around 50 km south of Sol de Mañana in Bolivia’s southwestern corner. The high concentrations of sulphur, lead, arsenic and calcium carbonates are the reason for the incredible colour of green.A lovely place to visit on Bolivia private sightseeing tours all day long but the afternoon is the most dramatic with icy winds.  
Noel Kempff Mercado National Park
9 Have amazing Bolivia adventure tours in the Noel Kempff Mercado National Park which is among the largest in the Amazon Basin. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 for being among the worlds most diverse and beautiful national parks with fascinating plants and wildlife. There is hiking, climbing, canoeing, boat rides, bird watching, night safari tours and swimming with pink dolphins all found in this park.  
Santa Cruz de la Sierra
10 Santa Cruz de la Sierra is found at the base of the Andes and among the worlds fastest growing cities. It is where some of the best Bolivia adventure tours begin due to its wildlife and excellent outdoor activities. It is a city that combines modern life with traditional values, has a unique culture and vibrant nightlife. The diverse activities include white water rafting, sand boarding, wildlife safaris and hiking to name a few.  
Let the activities begin!