Visit the Colourful Capital Metropolis Dhaka on Private Tour

Visit the colourful capital metropolis Dhaka on Private Tour.  Once the seat of the mighty Viceroys of Bengal and Bangladesh's biggest city Dhaka has a colourful history rich in traditions. 

 This Capitals chequered past has held it back from progression for many years.  It sure is making up for Time now though and has become a fast growing metropolis.  It has finally been allowed to open its doors to tourism and is ready to share in its glory and splendour. 

Situated between the great Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers on the fertile river delta its is one of the world's leading rice regions thanks in part to its monsoon season.  Muslim influence can be found everywhere in the thousands of stunning historic buildings throughout the city and the over 700, still practising, mosques. 

This mega city is now the nation's hub of political and cultural activities including cotton growing and the manufacturing of its brilliant textile trade. Visitors have been tempted here by its air of colonial history and its fantastic buildings both ancient and modern making up this patchwork of cultures, languages and nationalities.  Read More...

Visit the Colourful Capital Metropolis Dhaka on Private Tour

Private tours of this thrilling metropolis growing and expanding every day into a glorious city of culture and entertainment. 

The modern architecture of the National Parliament House and its lush green parkland you can visit many national treasures such as

Last remaining remanent of Bengals glory days unfinished Lalbagh Fort and its sad history 

Discover the history behind the Armenian influence and visit its beautiful Church

Fabulous research gardens where they perform amazing work to secure many species of plant and tree

Once famous as the trading centre of Bengal the now quiet village grandeur of Sonargoan 

Try and take a Private Guided Tour take in the diverse Museums, Lakes, and the Butterfly Parks. Dhaka is also known by travellers as the last city on the mainland before hitting the beaches of Cox's Bazar or St Martin's Island.

10 Places you need to do in Dhaka

National Parliament House
1 Architecturally stunning if somewhat modern the National Parliament House is the pride of all Bangladesh and one of the largest in the world. It is a must see for architects visiting the country, and the brilliant use of natural light inside is a masterpiece of design. Not to everybody's taste however so after we took an enjoyable stroll around the huge lake and lush green park and towards dusk, the area becomes beautiful
Lalbagh Fort
2 Standing as the last remaining remnant of Dhaka's glory days when it was Bengals capital is Lalbagh Fort, try a Private Tour and see its Taj Mahal style construction.  It is best seen in the first light of morning when it has an ethereal appearance. The fortress was never finished after the death of the Princes daughter as they considered this a bad omen. The only place open to the public was the fantastic museum with its coins, miniature paintings and beautiful examples of calligraphy.
Ahsan Manzil
3 The mystical ’Pink Palace’ takes pride of place on the banks of the River Buriganga.  See one of Dhaka's most beautiful palaces its stunning architecture is truly breathtaking. On a Dhaka private tour, we learnt how it was once the seat of the Nawab family and was their official presidential palace until the death of the Prince and his last son when it fell into disrepair now it is restored to its former glory.   
4 Once an important political and trading centre of the Bengal ruler Isa Khan, Sonargaon lies just outside the modern capital Dhaka. It's hard to imagine how this now quiet village was once the vibrant capital of Bengal. Its splendid architecture gives you a sense of the grandeur that exuded this once great city. A small museum has an impressive display of musical instruments, tools, furniture and ornaments of Bengal heritage.
Liberation War Museum
5 A sometimes harrowing account of a small country and its people's road to independence. A private tour of the Liberation War Museum gave us a background to the past of Bangladesh and its struggles during the war. As well as a sizeable display of war memorabilia some of the exhibits are a tad strange and may be hard to look at but show just what really did happen and the country's terrifying struggle through war and occupation.
Dhakeshwari Temple
6 The strange architecture of this Hindu Temple make it hard to pinpoint its exact construction period, but its extraordinary construction is splendid in its own right. What is known is it is over 800 years old and is the National Hindu Temple of the country. If you think the outside is striking, then wait until you enter. A riot of colour greets you from the altar adorned with flowers, and golden statues its hard not be impressed.
Bangladesh National Museum
7 Devoted to the archaeological history and ethnography of Bangladesh this museum is a fine example of the history and struggle for liberation. On your Private Tour, you will see the statues and sculptures are everywhere telling their story as well as a large collection of armour and arms. A collection of copper coins, farming tools and terracotta artefacts are of particular interest.
Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection
8 Armenians originally came to Bangladesh in the 17th century, and this Church is a superb example of their influence on the country. Its distinctive sparkling white and gold decoration strikes you from a distance and is typical of Armenian architecture. Inside does not disappoint either in its splendour, and more of the rich history of the Armenian community can also be found in the ornate gravestones in and surrounding the church.
Gulshan Lake Park
9 In need of some piece and quiet away from the crowds we found this verdant green park away from the busy streets. Popular with locals you can stroll around the lakeside path amongst the cooling shade of the trees and cross the delightful decorative bridge. This little oasis of calm in a busy world will do wonders for your mind and soul, and you may be lucky and see some of the chattering monkeys or exotic birds that share the park.
National Botanical Garden
10 Originally established in 1961 as a research centre it is now an oasis of trees, shrubs and herbs, some of which had once been endangered and saved from extinction. Stretching out in front of us for miles were lakes and lily ponds, orchid house and a snake corner for the brave. Famous for extensive research work its visitor centre gave excellent information on the work done here, and we left with a new appreciation of botanists.

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