On a Chittagong Private Tour See the Scenery and Stay for the People

On a Chittagong, Private Tour See the Scenery and Stay for the People, it is the second largest city and port in South Asia.  Chittagong City is classed as the go-to place to arrange your travel documents and permits to explore this diverse part of the world. 

As the countries starting point for travellers and explorers, who are heading to St. Michaels Church or taking the famed trip to The Ganges the history of the city is unique.  Located on the banks of the Karnaphuli and hosting a natural harbour this city is an ancient gateway to the mystical powers of the river.  

On a Private Guided Tour take in the diverse Museums, Lakes, and the Butterfly Parks.  Chittagong is also known by travellers as the last city on the mainland before hitting the beaches of Cox's Bazar or St Martin's Island.

Famous to the Bangladeshi people as being the site where the country’s declaration of independence was signed it will always hold a special place in their hearts.  Read More...

Take a Day Out of Sightseeing to Chittagong and Head on a Private Tour to Foys Lake

On a Chittagong Private Tour See the Scenery and Stay for the People

Take a Day Out of Sightseeing and Head on a Private Tour to Foys Lake and enjoy the pleasant diversion from temples for a family fun day.

Or stick with the exploring and take the scenic route around the city by rickshaw, stop at the idyllic museums like the Ethnological Museum, The WWII memorial cemetery or travel to the Sadarghat and Battali Hills Park. 

When it easy to find your way into the Central Bazar in Chittagong the fun of the day is trying to get out as its a maze, but you can shop away and sample some crazy street food.

Whilst here you need to plan a trip to colourful Dhaka, The capital city, fabulous thriving metropolis tour was once the seat of the mighty Viceroys of Bengal and Bangladesh's biggest city Dhaka has a colourful history rich in traditions. 

This Capitals chequered past has held it back from progression for many years.  It sure is making up for Time now though and has become a fast growing metropolis.  It has finally been allowed to open its doors to tourism and is ready to share in its glory and splendour. 

Top 10 Things to See in Chittagong

Boga Lake
1 The beautiful tree lined Boga Lake Private Tours in Chittagong are some of the most popular resort tours in the area. While it can take up to 5 hours to hike to the lake, it is worth it for the experience, views, and accomplishment of the hike. With a Private Tour, you will see on the route all the little gems of scenery. There is basic accommodation at the lakes, and you will meet lots of travellers who are sure to entertain you.
Foys Lake
2 On a Private Tour see Foys Lake a manmade lake in Chittagong Bangladesh established in 1920’s. The lake was developed to provide a watering hole for the residents of the railway colony and was named after the chief engineer. An amusement park was later added to the landscape making this a family fun destination for all. There are some workshops still operational at the lakes, and people employed by the railway still reside there.
Chittagong Zoo
3 A guided tour to Chittagong Zoo which is home to the Indian Lion, capped langur monkeys, a variety of birds and the mugger crocodile is a must do. Opened to visitors in the late 1980’s the Zoo located near Foy’s Lake has become quite an attraction for visitors to the area. Even though this is classed as a small Zoo with only 67 species or animal housed there, it's locally known for if conservation efforts.
Zia Memorial Museum
4 Formally the Old Circuit House Private Tours at the Zia Memorial Museum in Chittagong are great, home to a variety of memorabilia and over 700 art exhibitions there is lots to do. The museum holds the original microphone that was used by President Zia when he made the announcement of Bangladesh’s independence in 1971. This museum is full of history and very dear to the locals hearts, and its contents will be a rare excursion but with a Private Tour well worth the visit.
Dulahazra Safari Park
5 Private Tour of this truly unique Safari Park the Dulahazra is one of the only Parks in the world to treat Giraffe, Crocodiles, Bears, Chitals, Royal Bengal Tigers, elephants, monkeys, and birds. Researchers and keepers work together with scientists to try to understand better how to conserve the natural habitats for these animals. Not only is this a Safari Park and fun for all It prides itself on being educational to all visitors.
Butterfly Park
6 The Butterfly Park at Chittagong is an ecological delight for the many species of live butterfly’s; it also hosts an Ecological garden and interactive amusements for both adults and children. With colour fish areas, flower corners and an Audi-visual room this Park has a lot to offer. With lot’s to see and so much to do this is a must see. You can also take a break and visit the international standard restaurants.
Chittagong Commonwealth War Cemetery
7 In honour of the brave soldiers who perished in World War II, take a Private Tour to this cemetery, built by the British Army this burial site is surrounded by beauty.  The original cemetery had about 400 burial sites with 17 unidentified remains that are still buried here; while all efforts are still being made to name these individuals as yet, they are still unidentified. Visit and pay your respects at this ethereal palace.
Naval Beach
8 If you want to pass some time, head over to Naval Beach relax on the bank of the Karnofuly River and watch as the ships pass through the canal and the locals get on with daily life. While this is not a sand beach, it has a lot to offer will street vendors selling local food like Piazo and Crab and snacks. With a Private Tour arrange to go there in the evening time watch as the river changes colour to almost look like silver.
Adhar Manik Shanti Niketan Buddhist Monastery
9 A Private Tour of The Adhar Manik Shanti Niketan Buddhist Monastery invite’s all visitors to come and join in the activities and learn Buddhist teachings. The beautiful Temple has a quiet and serene atmosphere surrounded by a myriad of mango, coconut and jackfruit trees.  See the amazing flower garden, ceremonies, and festivals. The highlight of the calendar year is when hundreds of Chinese Paper Lanterns are flown in the sky.
Khaiyachara Falls
10 The Khaiyachara Falls in Chittagong is a sightseeing dream, as you head of the trail, you will come across some awesome large waterfalls on the way. With a Private Tour take a swim in the underground caves with their natural pools of fresh water. While this is an isolated location and there is quite a lot of trekking to get there, it is well worth it when you bathe in these remote and exceptional pools.

Travel Tips for Chittagong

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