On a Bangladesh Private Tour Wash Your Spirit in the Ganges

On a Bangladesh Private Tour wash your spirit in the Ganges, India and Myanmar on its borders, Bangladesh is the largest sovereign states in South Asia.  Bangladesh is one of the planet's most populated countries with over 170 million inhabitants.  Bengali is the most popular language spoken in the world not surprising considering the population of this country.  

With a Sightseeing Tour of Bangladesh take in the sites of over 700 rivers, tea-growing highlands, one of the longest coastline beaches in the world and a breathtaking coral reef, there is a lot more to Bangladesh that the famous Ganges. 

Bangladesh tourism in terms of other countries in the region is still developing and is in its infancy in comparison, so that is why now is the time to go and explore a country rich culture and untamed delights. 

Make some genuine friends who will take great pleasure and pride in showing you this amazing country.  This county is not to be rushed as it is still developing its tourism so relax sit back and let your holiday unfold.   Read More...

On a Bangladesh Private Tour Wash Your Spirit in the Ganges

You can watch the locals on the Ganges, see the famous Tigers at Sundarbans National Park, go to the Mangrove Forest or even head to a cricket match on a Bangladesh Sightseeing Tour.  

Take a Tour of the Dhaka (Capital City) temples or see the Paharpur Buddhist remains and one of the oldest mausoleums in the world.  

The Bangladeshi people’s favourite pastime, without a doubt, is Cricket, head off and see a game featuring The Tigers (Bangladesh National Team). 

The hidden delights of any city in Bangladesh can be seen while you take a ride on a rickshaw the only way to travel to see it all.

Bangladesh Top Ten Things to Do

Mangrove Forests
1 Do you want to see the famous man-eating Royal Bengal Tigers? Then you will have to head out on a truly epic adventure in the Mangrove Forests. This untamed wild place is ideal for the adventurer, and while a Private Tour of Bangladesh can't promise you will see the Tigers, they will all certainly try. Sitting on the deck of the boats floating through the dark swampy rivers maybe you will spot a reptile or two.
Sundarbans National Park
2 Mystery and Danger is around every corner at the Sundarbans National Park; this is the home of the famous Mangrove Forests a unique, haunting and spectacular area of the world. This is a wild un-commercial treasure with its interconnecting waterways taking in the Bay of Bengal. On a Bangladesh Sightseeing Private Tour, you will see the delights this place has to offer, spot the many species of wildlife and have a little R&R on the dec
Dhaka (Dakka)
3 A city of over 17 million people who are usually all stuck in some traffic jam in the city, Dhaka’s charm unfolds as you take a Rickshaw and head through the streets of this bubbling city. On a Guided Private Tour of Bangladesh, you can see this charming place show you its delights from Temples, Mosques, Hindu Temples to a University Campus and the green parks dotted around. 
The Ganges
4 With a Private Tour take an early morning boat trip on the Ganges and see the sun rise while bobbing along in one of the most popular tours in Bangladesh. See the locals performing the puja their secret morning ritual or see a corpse burning at the Harishchandra. At night time you can see the Ganga Aarti Ceremony and drop a flower candle adrift on the water. Whether you take the canoe or boat option, it's a sight to behold.
5 The second largest city and port in Bangladesh, Chittagong is the gateway to many beautiful attractions in this region. On a Private Tour, Chittagong can be your starting point to head out and have your Bangladesh Sightseeing adventure. Chittagong is the city to apply for your travel permits for hiking trips but also the last stop before you hit the famous and beautiful St. Martins Island or the scenic
6 Arrange a Private Tour to arrive by riverboat at Barisal Bangladesh and see this beautiful port city. While access by road is limited the most popular way to get to Barisal is by the river. While this is primarily a very isolated place in comparison to the rest of the country, it has lot’s to offer and is buzzing with activity and life. Stroll around the streets and head for the Raj era buildings before they waste away..
7 Heading to the Sundarbans then Khulna is the best starting point in Bangladesh. This little town is booming with sights and little delights. While it is not known for many epic views is has quite a few historical Tours and Monuments. You can book a Khulna Private Tour and taste all the Indian flavour that it has to offer. Try the excellent cuisine with its mix of Bangladeshi and Indian flavours a true treat for a foodie.
Rangpur City
8 In the north of Bangladesh, Rangpur City is a far cry for the southern cities. On a Private Tour, you can visit the beautiful Kantanagar Temple or head down to Dinajpur but make time and visit the sandbank communities also known as the river chars. This city with its tree-lined streets and quaint bungalows is home to Carmichael College and the Tajhat Palace which is one of Bangladesh's most impressive Raj Baris.
Saint Martin's Island
9 Relax with a Private Tour and head to Saint Martin's Island with its coconut palm trees and extraordinary marine life. This coral island is a real refuge from the hectic tours of this beautiful country. Relax on its crisp beaches, take a walk around the full island, dip or scuba dive into the clear blue water, head to the Turtle hatchery or just relax a look at the stars. The seafood in this part of the world is second to none.
10 If you want to see the experience that is the Hill Tracts, then Bandarban is the place for you. You will need to acquire a permit to visit this area of Bangladesh so book a Private Tour; it is worth it to see the village life and how all things happen at the epicentre of this place which is the river. Take a ride on the bamboo rafts reminiscent of the gondolas of Italy but not quite so decorative, head downstream and take it all in.
Let the activities begin!