Sights and Thrills to Surpass All on Private Custom Tours of Nassau

It is on New Providence Island where you find the Capital of The Bahamas, Nassau. This wonderful city is where you get to experience two worlds, tropical paradise and urban sophistication on Private custom tours.

Start your Island hopping experience in this popular city which is also a major port for the top cruise liners in the world. It is most definitely a spectacular sight to see when there are several cruise ships docked at the one time at the Prince George Wharf in Nassau Harbour.

Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Nassau’s city’s duty-free shopping areas, sightseeing tour attractions, bars and restaurants before stepping into the tranquil tropical worlds of beaches and lagoons.

Take a tour to Ardastra Gardens for the unique Bahama experience of witnessing the parade in drill formation by the famous marching Pink Flamingoes. It is also a mini zoo, so there are other animals to be seen too such as honey bears and peacocks.  Read More...

Take a Boat Tour to the Luxurious Private Blue Lagoon Island and Interact With Dolphins

Sights and Thrills to Surpass All on Private Custom Tours of Nassau

From Nassau, you can get to other Islands very easily by boat or in the case of Paradise Island via a bridge. There are two bridges of 600 feet connecting the Island to the city.

This Island is dominated by the wonderful Atlantis Resort but also sightseeing attractions, beaches and as with everywhere else in The Bahamas, welcoming locals.

The Blue Lagoon Island is, as the name states, a Blue Lagoon of sandy shores and all shades of crystal clear blue water. Enjoy a short boat tour to this private Island where you can relax on the beaches or take part in the water sports activities.

However, the main reason to come here is to visit the marine mammal facility where you can interact with dolphins and sea lions.

Top 10 Things to Do in Nassau

Paradise Island
1 Paradise Island which is more of a ‘cay’ runs parallel to North New Providence Island and is connected to the city of Nassau by two 600 feet bridges. Take a sightseeing tour to this Island which was once called Hog Island. Some of the attractions include the Hog Island Lighthouse which was built in 1817 and Versailles Garden and French Cloister. The island is also home to the vast Atlantis Resort and its many excellent activities.
Blue Lagoon Island
2 The private Blue Lagoon Island also known as Salt Cay is a great place to visit on a sightseeing tour. On a boat tour travel the five kilometers to this Island of sandy shores and crystal blue waters. Laze on the beach or take part in the many activities. The highlight is the way you can interact with the dolphins and sea lions in the marine mammal facility under the watchful eyes of experienced trainers.
Ardastra Gardens Nassau
3 When in Nassau, take a guided tour to the Ardastra Garden where you can have the unique experience of witnessing the flamingos marching in formation to commands. It is very entertaining to watch. This is also a Zoo and a Conservation Centre, so there are lots of other interesting animals to see including the endangered Bahama Parrot, honey bears and many species of iguana. Children love the petting zoo.
Pirates of Nassau Museum
4 The Bahamas is famous for its waters being ruled by pirates and buccaneers during the 1600’s and 1700’s and there is no better place to learn in more detail about them than the Pirates of Nassau Museum on a guided tour. You can explore the replica pirate ship the Revenge and a replica Nassau shanty town and interact with theatrical pirates. There is authentic paraphernalia relating to and from pirates.
National Art Gallery of the Bahamas
5 See the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, located in Nassau, on a guided tour. It is housed in the Villa Doyle which is a rather large historic mansion of Neoclassical style that was lovingly restored. This Art Gallery is the most important institution relating to art in the country. The collections to be seen include paintings, ceramics, sculpture and photography from early 20th century to present day.
Queen’s Staircase
6 When on a city tour of Nassau, you will see the Queen’s Staircase which is 66 steep steps cut from solid limestone by slaves towards the end of the 18th century.Built originally as a protected access for the troops to Fort Fincastle. Over a century later it was named Queen Victoria in honor of her role in slave abolishment. When you climb the steps, you reach the highest point on the Island and see fantastic views. 
Government House
7 Another place to see on a city tour is Government House. This building was originally built in 1801 but after a hurricane was renovated in 1929. It is here that is the official home for the Governor General of The Bahamas. It is a building you will not miss as it is conch-pink, Georgian Colonial architecture and located on the top of Mount Fitzwilliam. There is a Christopher Columbus statue that dates back to 1830 at its entrance.
Nassau Straw Market
8 Most major town or city in The Bahamas has a Straw Market proving just how important this tradition became and how vital it was to each island's economy. It started from women trying to boost their household income by weaving and braiding sisal plants and palm leaves into baskets and traps for fishing. The market continues in the same area where there once was a market building. This historic building was destroyed in 2001 by fire.
Downtown and Bay Street in Nassau
9 Another place to go when on a city tour of Nassau is Downtown and Bay Street. These areas are the shopping havens for the best duty-free shopping in the city. It is here you will see all the cruise liner passengers haggling the prices of jewelry, perfume and even t-shirts to name only a few of the types things that can be bought in a shop here. There is also the Straw Market and Pirate of Nassau Museum in this area too.
Diving tours from Nassau
10 There are exceptional locations where you can go scuba diving and snorkeling around the shores of Nassau and Paradise Island. For instance, take a diving tour to Athol Island which is only 3/4 mile from Paradise Island and directly off New Providence Island which as amazing coral and marine life or swim with dolphins in Blue Lagoon Island. There is much to explore and wonders to see underwater around Nassau.

Travel Tips for Nassau

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