Natural Beauty and Grand Activities on Grand Bahama Island Guided Tours

The Grand Bahama Island has activities on a grand scale and a natural beauty which should be seen on private guided tours of this Island.

This Island is the closest of the major Bahama Islands to the United States of America. Due to its convenient location, charming towns, stunning shores, fascinating history and culture, many attractions and activities but especially for the friendly people, a trip to The Grand Bahama will be memorable.

One of the great places to visit on an adventure tour is Lucayan National Park on Grand Bahama Island which is significant to the Lucayan culture and history. It is also the home of the world’s longest underwater cave systems. See the breathtaking views of the landscape on various trails.

Visit the charming towns and enjoy mingling with the very friendly local people as you wander the streets, shop for souvenirs of local crafts or taste the delicious local cuisine in the number excellent restaurants.  Read More...

A Fabulous Place to See on a Sightseeing Tour Is the Garden of the Groves on Grand Bahama Island

Natural Beauty and Grand Activities on Grand Bahama Island Guided Tours

A top sightseeing tour to take when in Grand Bahama Island is the Garden of The Groves. It has an array of places and things to see and do such as the tropical landscape of flowers and trees from The Bahamas and other countries worldwide, take time out in the tranquil lagoon and flowing waterfalls or meditate in the spiritual labyrinth.

For all divers, experienced or amateur, there are excellent locations to explore the wonders of life underwater. A highlight diving tour has to be the opportunity to swim with dolphins. This like everything else in Grand Bahama Island will give reason to return again and again.

Top 10 Things to Do in Grand Bahama Island

Garden of the Groves
1 On a sightseeing tour of The Graden of the Groves, there is so much to see and do. There are beautiful native and exotic flowers and trees that are full of butterflies and birds. Relax in the tranquil lagoon with a refreshing flowing waterfall. Take a walk to the chapel which is a replica of the first one built by the founder of Freeport, Mr. Groves, or meditate in the spiritual labyrinth, the only labyrinth in the Bahamas.
Lucayan National Park
2 A perfect guided tour to do especially for those from a docked cruise liner is to Lucayan National Park. It is here you will find the world’s longest underwater cave system, as you walk through the tropical park there amazing birds in the trees and vibrant fish in the lagoons. Visit where the Arawak Indians lived in the caves before Christopher Columbus discovered the Bahamas. The Gold Rock Beach is also part of this National Park.
The Rand Nature Center
3 Another excellent place to see on a sightseeing tour is The Rand Nature Center. It is made up of 100 acres in the heart of Grand Bahama Island’s city Freeport. There is superb natural beauty with a 2,000-foot trail that winds through its coppice and forest. For bird lovers, this is paradise especially from October to May when the migrating bird arrive. On a tour also see the educational and cultural exhibitions.
Paradise Cove
4 Paradise Cove is the perfect place for all age groups, a place for relaxation or a place for lots of fun and activities. There are eco-tour experiences and lots of underwater adventures. The types of activities include snorkel adventures, kayaking, paddle boarding, spearfishing tours and beach volleyball. To end the perfect day here, enjoy the amazing sunset by the bonfire while drinking a Caribbean cocktail.
Grand Bahama Island Towns and Settlements tours
5 A great guided tour to take when in Grand Bahama Island is to Towns and Settlements as there are many with unique stories from bygone years. Williams Town and Old Freeport for instance pay tribute to the freedom of slaves, see the heritage sites in the Western part of the Island such as the Boiling Hole, Mermaid’s pond, Pinders Point Lighthouse or Holmes Rock Caves. All tours to these places are both enjoyable and educational.
The Boiling Hole
6 The Boiling Hole or Boiling Point is where Armbrister Creek flows into a clear lake and due to the conditions of the tide, it can cause burps and bubbles. In folklore, some thought it was due to a sea monster. The tide flow and water rushing back from the underwater rock cavity cause The Whirlpool that you see. There is a boardwalk made of wood where you can get to see the whole area. It is also from here you may see baby sharks.
Diving tours from Grand Bahama Island
7 The Diving Tours from many locations in Grand Bahama Island are definitely memorable occasions. The popularity for diving here has been growing since the late 1950’s when episodes of Sea Hunt were filmed here. You enter a magical world when diving into the coral gardens and alluring crystal clear waters. Spend hours playing with the dolphins in certain areas under the guidance and watchful eyes of experts.
Water Sport Tours in Grand Bahama Island
8 For adventurous ways to spend your day when in Grand Bahama Island, then do some water sports tours. There are great tours exploring the shorelines and beautiful scenery of the Island by Jet skiing, Kayaking and even paddle boarding although you don’t venture too far on these. For short bursts of adrenaline then go on the banana boat ride where the aim is to flip you from the banana boat as many times as possible.
Boat tours of Grand Bahama Island
9 Probably the most relaxing tour that can be done in Grand Bahama Island is a boat tour. On a day long boat tour, you are brought to different locations around the Island where the boat stops and you can swim, dive or snorkel. Lunch is served on the boats which is usually a traditional dish. It is a day of leisure and sunbathing while looking at the changing stunning scenery.
The Straw Market
10 The chance to go to the Straw Market in Grand Bahama Island should not be missed as it is not something you will see everyday anywhere else.  Straw Plaiting is an art and very important to the culture of the Bahamians. The types of things that can be found in the Straw Market is anything that can be made of straw but also other crafts such as hand-made jewelry, carved wooden statues all made from local artisans.

Travel Tips for Grand Bahama Island

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