Electrifying Surfing and Sights on Eleuthera Island With Guided Tours

Eleuthera Island or the Island of Freedom is long and slender with the Atlantic Ocean and Exuma Sound on either side. It is a top Caribbean destination for tourists and this is due to the sights and adventures that can be seen and done on Private guided tours.

The Beaches that you can venture to on the Island are some of the most beautiful. Many have soft pink sand and crystal clear blue and turquoises water lapping them.

The Atlantic Ocean is the reason that there are excellent surfing conditions where you can have fun and thrills riding the waves on a surfboard. If you are not staying near one of the beaches with the best surfing, there are many private surfing tours you can take so not to miss out on this electrifying experience.

An added attraction of Eleuthera Island is the diverse landscape. Not only are there the magnificent beaches, but there are also stunning ascending cliffs to explore and caves too.  Read More...

Sightseeing Tours to Eleuthera Islands Impressive Wonder, the Glass Window Bridge

Electrifying Surfing and Sights on Eleuthera Island With Guided Tours

One of the top tourist attractions to see when on a sightseeing tour of Eleuthera Island is the Glass Window Bridge. You are left breathless when you visit this true wonder of nature and experience the panoramic views.

On one side is the deep blue frenzied waters of the Atlantic Ocean and on the other is the tranquil and calm green- turquoise Exuma Sound waters. These are separated by a 30 feet wide strip of rock.

Other unforgettable activities to do on Eleuthera Island or the surrounding waters include guided tours to villages or Preachers Cave and almost every water sport invented such as surfing, snorkeling, diving, swimming, jet skiing, fishing, boating and the list goes on.

Top 10 Things to Do in Eleuthera Island

The Glass Window Bridge
1 When on Eleuthera Island, go on a sightseeing tour to see The Glass Window Bridge. Before this man-made bridge, there was a naturally formed rock bridge which got destroyed in a hurricane. The real wonder of here is that it is the narrowest place on earth and has the frenzied Atlantic Ocean one side and the calming and tranquil Caribbean Sea (Exuma Sound) on the other. The panoramic views are superb.
Preachers Cave
2 Another top attraction to see on Eleuthera Island is Preacher’s Cave. The ideal way and possibly the safest way to see these caves is with a guided tour. It can feel very dark in the caves after leaving the bright sunshine. Captain Willian Sayles discovered Preachers Cave in the 1600’s after he and his crew took refuge here after being shipwrecked at Devil Backbone. There is much history and stories to be heard here.
Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve
3 There are many things to see on a sightseeing tour of the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve as well as activities. It was the first national park of its kind and is made up of 25 acres. Enjoy the walking trails which range in length from short to over 1.25 miles. The type of flora to be seen include fabulous orchids, hardwood trees and a mix of medicinal plants. The Tower Trail brings you to a lookout tower for amazing views.
The Queen’s Bath
4 On the Atlantic side of Eleuthera Island, close to the Glass Window is The Queen’s Bath or better known as the Hot Tubs. Waves pounding the rock carved this natural pools that are filled by crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The water is then warmed and you have a hot tub to soak in. There are certain times to visit during low or medium tide so best to go with a guided tour. Very relaxing experience!
Ocean Hole
5 There is a supposedly bottomless natural limestone formation which is called Ocean Hole located near Rock Sound on Eleuthera Island. This ‘blue’ hole which is an inland ocean and swimming hole is known worldwide and there are even some who say it has healing powers. This is the most tranquil place to swim and the tropical fish (put here by locals) or turtles will happily swim with you. A great place to stop on a sightseeing tour.
Hatchet Bay Caves
6 The only way to visit Hatchet Bay Caves is on a guided tour with experienced guides. These caves are located or ‘hidden’ between Hatchet Bay and James Cistern and are the largest cave system in the Caribbean. They are a mile in length or thereabouts and have a vaulted cathedral appearance with stalagmites and stalactites. These were more hideouts for buccaneers and pirates. It is well worth a visit here.
Diving and Snorkeling adventure tours
7 The slender Island of Eleuthera Island is another perfect place to go on diving and snorkelling adventure tours. There are lots of fantastic diving sites such as The Cathedral, Bamboo Point, Shark Site, Boiling Holes, Devil Backbone and Hole in the Wall for the divers and soft coral sites for the snorkelers. All of these tours are with experienced and qualified diving instructors and your safety and enjoyment are paramount for them.
Fishing and Boat Tours
8 Again there are a mix of fishing and boat tours to do when on Eleuthera Island. There is amazing big fish to be caught when on a fishing trip on the Atlantic Ocean side and smaller fish to be caught from the Caribbean Sea. The boat tours are luxurious and leisurely, touring around the island and seeing the sights and landscape from a different perspective. These are days well spent whichever one you do.
Island Farm on Eleuthera Island
9 During a sightseeing tour of Eleuthera Island, there is a possibility that you will stop off at Island Farm. This is a delightful place to visit and the best place to experience the wonderful foods on the island. The staff here kindly offer you samples of some of the fresh produce, homemade sauces, baked delights and other stuff before you buy anything. The most popular item sold here are their cinnamon rolls.  
Eleuthera Island Beach Tours
10 The beaches of Eleuthera Island are famous and due to it having so many, there are even tours to some of them from different areas. The majority of the beaches have soft pink sand and crystal clear waters, they look like paradise. The more popular beaches include Ten Bay Beach, Surfer’s Beach, Twin Coves Beach and Ben Bay Beach. This tour is a great way to pick the perfect beach for you to visit again for longer.  

Travel Tips for Eleuthera Island

Let the activities begin!