Andros for Mythical Monster, Blue Holes, Fringing Reef on a Guided Tour

The stunning Island of Andros is the largest Island in The Bahamas and full of natural attractions to see on a private guided tour.

Enjoy the natural wonders of the mystical Blue Holes which are the entrances into the world of underwater caves. As legend has it, these are also the lair to the Islands mythical monster Lusca.

Andros is where you can find Tongue of the Sean and Barrier Reef the world’s third largest barrier reef fringing the shores. For the avid diver, there are excellent custom tours to here.

In fact, there are many activities to do on the Island of Andros that can keep you entertained for weeks. Enjoy the hikes, kayaking, bird-watching tours, diving and snorkelling tours or lazing around on the many secluded beaches.

The fishing is exceptional when you are in Andros. There is deep sea fishing, fly fishing and reef fishing either in the Gulf Stream or in the channels that were created by the vast wetlands.  Read More...

Explore the Wilderness of Andros on a Boat Safari Tour to Fresh Creek

Andros for Mythical Monster, Blue Holes, Fringing Reef on a Guided Tour

Another activity or a great way to spend a day is on a boat safari tour, exploring the wilderness of Andros on the way to Fresh Creek. This is an exploration of the true outback and the largest undeveloped piece of land in the western hemisphere. From the boat, watch out for the many species of fish, owls and take a swim with the odd wild dolphin.

Other fascinating places to visit when on the Island of Andros include The Native Colony Ruins, Henry Morgan’s Cave, Andros Lighthouse, Mariners Well and Androsia, the batik fabric and garment factory, famous for the vibrant Bahamian hand-dyed printed fabrics.

When the sun goes down on Andros, another island appears full of life and festivity. Lively bars, delicious restaurants, beach parties, bbq’s or alternatively romantic candlelit dinners under a cabana before midnight strolls on the beach.

Top 8 Amazing Things to See and Do in Andros

Blue Holes National Park Andros Island
1 Take a custom tour to Blue Holes National Park on Andros Island. This park has the highest number of Blue Holes in the one place caused by thousand of years of limestone bedrock eroding and creating the vast underwater cave system. There are excellent activities to be done here including diving into the blue holes and exploring the caves, trail hikes through the pine forest and wonderful bird watching tours.    
Fresh Creek Safari Tour
2 Explore the inland wilderness and outback on a boat safari tour to Fresh Creek. On the safari, you get to see what is possibly the Western Hemisphere’s largest tract of unexplored land. Travel along a sheltered lagoon that leads into the mouth of Fresh Creek which is a 20-mile tidal river. When in Fresh Creek it is possible to go snorkel with the possibility of a few wild dolphins joining into the fun.
Native Colony Ruins
3 When you are in Andros, you should take a private guided tour to the Native Colony Ruins which are located near Pleasant Harbour. Here you will find eight historical buildings made of stone that date back to the 1930’s. They are of vintage Bahamian-style architecture that can be explored. However, there is nothing known about why the colony became abandoned nor why it was never inhabited again.
Henry Morgan’s Cave
4 Another great place to visit when in Andros is Henry Morgan’s Cave. Although never confirmed by historians, this cave was used as a hideout for Henry Morgan or Captain Morgan, one of the most feared pirates throughout the Caribbean back in the day and where he buried his treasures. Even apart from the myth of legend, the cave is still interesting to see on a guided tour with stalagmites and bats!
Androsia Batik Factory
5 Take a private tour of The Bahamas world famous batik fabric and garment manufacturing factory on Andros Island. This is where the brightly colored, authentic and hand-dyed fabrics are designed and created using inspiration from the Island’s environment, culture and elements. When on the guided tour, see how the fabric is waxed, cut and dyed by the artisans. It is possible to purchase some the fabric when you are here.    
West Side National Park
6 There are many different tours to do in West Side National Park such as fishing tours, hiking tours and boat trips as examples. The Park borders a large area of coastal mangroves and is a major nursery for the likes of conch and lobster. It is also a popular place to go bone fishing. The endangered Rock Iguana of Andros lives here as do many amazing bird species such as the West Indian Flamingo.  
Diving tours on Andros Island
7 One of the greatest places to go on a diving tour is The Tongue of the Ocean which is an abyss that is one mile deep and full of vibrant marine life. See the world’s third largest fringing Barrier Reef which is 190 miles long and drops eight feet on the Island side. There are other excellent locations around the Island where you can explore the wonderful world beneath the sea under the guidance of expert divers.
Boat/fishing tours
8 There are numerous of boat tours and fishing tours that can be done when you are on Andros Island. Go on a leisurely boat tour around the island, stopping off at secluded coves which you can swim to and where the organizers will arrange lunch. The Fishing tours range from game fishing in the Gulf Stream or bone fishing on the wetland channels. Either way, you are in for an enjoyable day with great fun and sometimes adventure.

Travel Tips for Andros

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