The Bahamas on Private Island Tours Has It All, Romance and Adventure

Reality ends and the dream begins when you take Private Island tours to the Bahamas and any one of the 700 spectacular islands that it is comprised of.

When most people think of paradise, they think of amazing shades of crystal blue waters gently lapping the white sandy beach that has a backdrop of a palm tree jungle, when you visit the majority of the Islands then paradise is what you find.

The Bahamas, as well as the islands, also has 2,000 small cays (a low bank or reef of coral, rock, or sand) which are sprinkled across the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Once you are here in the Bahamas, there is, of course, relaxing on the beach and lots of romance with amazing sunset walks and candlelit meals but there is also adventure.

Some of the activities relating to the water, which can be adventurous, include world-class fishing, sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling.

Other adventure tours involve trips to a National Park, jungle jeep tours, bird-watching tours and Eco-adventure tours.   Read More...

The Bahamas on Private Island Tours Has It All, Romance and Adventure

There is another reason why many people including the rich and famous come to the Bahamas and that is to get married and honeymoon. For the idyllic location to say ‘I Do', there are many on the numerous luxury islands. Romance is high for that perfect honeymoon too. The best thing of all is that the Bahamas has become so popular for weddings that the wedding planners here have the organization of a wedding and reception down to a fine art.

When it comes to history, the Bahamas has lots of interesting aspects from the first inhabitants in 300-400 AD, the Lucayan Indians, Christopher Columbus, the first settlement and of course the Pirates.

During the 1600’s and early 1700’s, the seas around The Bahamas were ruled by buccaneers, privateers and pirates. The tales and legends have been passed through the generations about the likes of Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Anne Bonny and Mary Read and Sir Henry Morgan. Learn all there is to know on a guided tour of The Pirates of Nassau Museum.


Top 10 Things to See and Do in Bahamas

1 The Bahamas capital is Nassau which is a very popular Caribbean cruise ship port. There are many sightseeing tours to do which are great especially for cruise liner tourists. They are compact and show all of Nassau. See candy-colored old colonial buildings, museums, Cable Beach, Bay Street, experience Nassau Straw Market, visit Paradise Island or on a short boat ride visit the Blue Lagoon Island where you can play with the dolphins.  
Paradise Island
2 Just off New Providence Island is Paradise Island. It is connected to Nassau by bridges over the harbour so easy to get to on a guided tour. This island has the popular Cabbage Beach and Paradise Beach on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. The main thing on this island is the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort which is the top holiday destination in the Caribbean. It is an ocean-themed resort with a vast aqua park.
The Blue Lagoon Island
3 On a private island tour, spend the day in The Blue Lagoon Island. As you explore this private island see the ‘finest’ beach in The Bahamas, take part in great activities, visit hidden lagoons or just relax and take in the tranquility of the natural environment and the islands natural beauty. The top attraction on the Blue Lagoon Island are the dolphins and sea lions from Dolphin Encounters which has marine mammal interactive programs.
Exuma Cays Lands and Sea Park
4 The Exuma Cays Lands and Sea Park is on the remote edge of The Bahamas on the east side. It is the first ever ’no take zone’ and marine protected area in the Caribbean. See the most picturesque sights of striking seascapes, electric blue luminous water and white sand. This is one of the places you are brought to on a diving tour or boat tour. Some celebrities have homes on the Exuma Cays and there are exclusive resorts.
Grand Bahama
5 A popular destination in The Bahamas is Grand Bahama which is the most northern of the Islands. It is another popular place for cruise liners and due to large all-inclusive resorts, tourists love it here too. Its capital is Freeport, but Port Lucaya is more for tourists with great shopping, restaurants and nighttime. Take adventure tours to the national parks or visit the longest underwater cave system in the world on a diving tour.
Andros Island
6 The place where you will find the world’s third largest barrier reef is Andros Island. You will also find underwater caves and freshwater blue holes hence why this is the popular place for divers and diving tours. You can also go on great fishing tours due to the vast wetlands creating channels. Andros Island has the largest landmass in the Bahamas and the largest protected area with five national parks.
Bimini Island
7 The closest Island to the USA is Bimini Island and it is also known as the big game fishing capital. It is this island that hosts the most famous deep-sea fishing tournaments which are held March to September. On a diving tour, there are great diving and snorkeling opportunities. It is possible to do dolphin dive but also shark dives! Other places to see on a guided tour include Sapona Wreck, Rainbow Reef, and Victory Reef.
Long Island
8 To see a land of contrast then visit Long Island on a sightseeing tour. This island is among the most beautiful of the island in The Bahamas. There are sandy beaches on one side and rocky steep cliffs on the other. It is also the place where you can visit the world’s deepest saltwater blue hole, Dean’s Blue Hole. The most popular tours are diving tours and fishing but also just sailing around on a leisurely boat tour is a hit too.
Diving and Snorkeling
9 There are no surprises that one of the most popular things to do in The Bahamas are diving tours. There are opportunities off most islands where you can have great experiences exploring life underwater. See the world’s largest underwater cave system, large barrier reefs, stunning coral and amazing tropical fish but a highlight if you have the nerve is to do Shark dives. All tours are with experienced and qualified instructors.
Weddings and Romance
10 The islands of The Bahamas are very popular for people to say ‘I Do’ and it is obvious why. The Islands have some of the most idyllic settings where you can have the perfect ceremony on the beach and a luxury reception in a top resort. For the most romantic setting have a sunset ceremony. The wedding planners are superb and will have everything organized so that when you arrive, you can start the celebrations.
Let the activities begin!